About TechNow

About TechNow

Technow has been obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new internet and mobile products, either breaking the latest tech news since 2017. We target on educated Inidan more useful tech news and tech acknowledge to make life better. We also bridge the investor and startup entrepreneur with more opportunities of mobile and internet. Technow is tech-information app which target on bettering Indian user's life by Tech broadcasting. If you like the app, please help me 5 star review. thank you

The TechNow App

The TechNow app offer the way to get the hottest technologyinformation on your tablet and phone. Browse the latest Technow headlines with a flick of your finger then tap to dive into an professional and interesting source of stories about startups and Giant-Tech enterprise, gadgets and go-getters.

Focus in India blooming market, with beautifully designed, free, Technow app brings you all the useful content from India local top Content-Generator with award-winning website and is fully integrated with our own view—the industry leading startups, entrepreneurs and investors database. Meanwhile, the Technow Hot list and Global will quickly show you the stories from outside world with smart idea.

Key features
  • Free access to all content from the Technow app.
  • See what’s currently hot in tech with the Hot list
  • Target on showing the latest tech news to Indian.
  • Comprehensive integration with Our Own view.
  • Custom designed interfaces for your tablet and mobile phone